Occupational Health and Compensation Programme
Programme Overview

The programme by design aims to mitigate the challenge of portability of social benefits and the inherent health implications towards ex-mineworkers, the beneficiaries and the communities within the Southern African Region. With time the programme has incorporated more societal challenges more societal challenges, like migrant Rights, drug abuse and Gender Based Violence.

Context of Programme and Key Achievements

Thousands of ex-mineworkers have continued to face the challenge of not accessing their Social Benefits once employment has been terminated. The OHCP implements programmes that aim to ease the access to these social benefits at no cost to the beneficiary. The pending claims are for Occupational diseases and Injury, Pensions and Terminal Benefits. Without accessing these funds, ex-mineworkers and their communities are driven further into poverty by the health dynamics created by the migration, such silicosis, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.


In the last five years we have worked rigorously in South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini. The key focus being tracking and tracing of ex-mineworkers and their beneficiaries with objective of linking them to relevant social benefit institutions.

To date a database of over 50000 beneficiaries across the three countries has been formulated and shared with the relevant entities, including the Department of Health, Department of Labour, Mineworker Provident Fund and other relevant financial institutions.

Other efforts include partnerships with the Asbestos Relief Trust in tracing and tracking more than 500 eligible claimants. The programme further played an integral role in the consultation and registration of 27000 ex-mineworkers who worked in gold mines for the Silicosis Litigation.

Through these effort R80 000 000 in compensation has been unlocked.

Health Issues

In mitigating the health challenges, the programme has strategic partnerships with prominent organization in the health space. Through these partnerships, projects that focus on TB screening, Active case finding, referrals, Adherence to treatment, Contact tracing and HTC have been implemented. This has resulted in over 100 000 beneficiaries serviced


To ease the provision of services to our beneficiaries we recognized that we had to form strategic partnerships.

The Department of Health South Africa(MBOD and CCOD).

The Department of Labour South Africa.

Mineworkers Provident Fund(RSA).

Ministry of Health(Lesotho).

TB in the Mining Sector(TIMS).

Richard Spoor and Attorneys.(RSA)

Health Focus. (RSA)

Qhubeka Trust