Now there is no reason why any project of any size can not be done in a more efficient and effective way through an integrated multi-discipline (Process, Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical and Piping) platform that actually works


Control Costs and Avoid delays with Our On-demand COMOS services

On-demand Access to Licences

  • Electrical Licences
  • P&ID Licences
  • Instrumentation Licences
  • PCS7 Integration Licenses
  • PFD Licences

On-demand COMOS Design Services

Start designing in COMOS anytime you want.

On-demand COMOS Administration Services

Get Assistance with COMOS Setup, Maintenance and Administration.

Keep Your Clients Happy

1.Under pressure to complete the designs on time?
2.Want to avoid different engineering disciplines data silos and communication breakdown?
3.Want to ensure that designs are as per Clients Specifications?

Complete your engineering in an integrated multi-discipline engineering platform and have common visibility on Process, Instrumentation, Electrical, Piping and Mechanical Designs

Quicker Delivery of Licenses and Resources

1.Struggling to get the required licenses on time?
2.Not sure which Licenses will be required and when?
3.Worried about Setup, Maintenance Administration and of
the required IT Infrastructure?

Avoid logistics inconveniences with our Plug-n-Play solution that will allow you access to the right COMOS Licenses and Designers as soon as you require them and only when you require them

Focus on Your Core Business

1. Want to avoid delays and distractions of a new system?

Focus on your key engineering and Operations Strengths and KPIs while we take care of all the COMOS Setup, Administration, Maintenance and Design activities

Complete Your Project within Budget

1.Restricted Project Budgets
2. Struggling with CAPEX approvals?
3. Want to avoid Unforeseen database maintenance costs?

Take Control of your project costs with our flexible pricing models including: Pay-As-You Use, Tailored Monthly Payments or Deliverables & Milestone based payment options.

The Right People Make Projects Successful

1. Unable to find the right skilled designers?
2. Unable to retain the skilled designers?
3. Worried about losing a key design resource during a project?

Ensure your projects and teams have optimal COMOS Design Resources with our on-demand COMOS Design Assistance and Services