Training and Skills Development Support

The Training Department’s 2018/19 financial year targets included training more than 400 learners from communities and labour sending areas across South Africa in accredited technical and soft skills programmes to address the skills deficit in major economic sectors of South Africa. This includes 150 bursaries distributed in partnerships with the Services SETA which included 100 learners studying at Universities across South Africa and 50 learners studying at TVET Colleges across the country.

Artisan Programmes

Aimed at producing artisans for the fields of Plumbing and Electrical Engineering, a total of 19 plumbing artisans have progressed successfully during the financial year ending March 2018 and are currently at workplaces across the provinces of Limpopo and Gauteng. As a result, the MDA, SSETA and CETA anticipate positive results from the Trade Test scheduled for 2020.

Learners also completed plumbing infrastructure training with Barrow Construction in Rosebank and are currently conducting their work experience at Waterfall in Midrand, Johannesburg with prospects of employment.

Leadership Programmes

A total of 72 MDA learners further completed their Learnership Programmes for paving and civil construction as well as plumbing during the financial year 2017/18 and eagerly await their certificates from the Construction Sector Education and Training Authority (CETA) to further assist learners to secure employment.

Skills Programmes

Skills programmes for 91 learners of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, paving and civil construction were successfully completed in the 4th quarter of the 2017/18 financial year and made a positive impact in the lives of unemployed youth of the labour sending areas of Limpopo and the North West. The skills programmes equipped learners with basic skills in order for them to be able to either seek
employment or pursue a full qualification.